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A modern car is your success

Mini sutshestvuet s 1959 Goda, osnovana Marka V Velikobritanii. Nazvanie Govorit samo za sebya, car malenky, polzovalsya sprosom 41 God. Soshlo s konveyera Okolo 5,5 million. auto, PRI Etom on ostavalsya mojno skazat neizmennim. Marka ne Zabita, no Seychelles mojno kupit bolee sovremennie versii he proizvoditeley drugix.

No nachinalos VSE s sozdania miniatyurnix gonochnix avtomobiley. Blagodarya sozdatelyu-gontshiku, malenkomu razmeru ili masterstvu, no ne Odin gontshik viigral gonku na co 500 500.

In addition to sports cars, the company produced passenger cars of low cost. However, the audience took "dwarf cars" coldly and the first year of sales did not look successful. But every year the demand grew, and from 1962 and the next 15 years did not decline and kept at a decent level.

In addition to the increased demand of citizens for a mini cooper, many stars moved to the car and even the royal families were not averse to riding it. The success is due not only to the fact that the car looks "cute" and is not expensive, but also the variety of choices in the arsenal: station wagon, coupe, van, convertible, hatchback with a different number of doors.

Since 1980, more powerful models began to appear, and the Cooper was kept at a low price. The founders, who made worthwhile racing modifications, helped the typewriter no less.

In 1999, the MINI Cooper was recognized as the second most influential car.

The new owner of the Mini Cooper tire size production was the BMW brand. It was decided to completely update and improve the model and add the word "new"to the name.

The new mini cooper should be more powerful, roomy, comfortable and safe. To solve these problems, we brought together those who participated in the creation of the previous version and modern engineers.

The result is a powerful and more economical "baby" with the preservation of the main lines and features of the "old man". But the price has increased significantly.

In 2002, the Cooper S was released-a sports version with a power of 163 hp, which is very much for such a small car.

2009 was the anniversary year for the brand, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary on a grand scale. In 2010, the car was again updated and restyled.

The current "British", produced in Germany, are available with 2 types of engine: petrol and diesel. The power of the contemporaries is 120-220 hp, depending on the"filling". The dimensions are increased, the interior is improved and the comfort is increased.

Manufacturers do not plan to stop creating and releasing cars, which means a great joint future for car owners with their mini coopers.

Released in 1961, the car had only 55 hp and cost the amount that the middle class could pay. But in our time, the mini cooper has become more powerful and more expensive, starting with the second generation (2000-2006) and ending with the fourth (2013-present).

The dimensions of the new car have become larger, the body has acquired an increased false radiator and a reduced air intake on the bumper. Fog lamps are located in the recesses of the bumper, the exhaust pipe is framed by a chrome tip. The rear lights have the shape of rounded trapezoids, the front ones consist of lenses, halogens and LEDs.

The interior looks like a space plane, all round except for the windows. A lot of round elements – multimedia display, speedometer with tachometer, speakers in the door, control systems, the base of the gear handle.

The model has a "relative" - Lifan Smily 320-the Chinese equivalent of the hatchback. China-the land of the sun, also decided to become part of the history of MINI.

The back is identical to the original. The front is similar in the radiator grille. The headlights of the Chinese counterpart have two combined roundness of different radii. The engine is not powerful, the volume is 1.3 liters. with 4 cylinders, it produces 89 hp. The transmission is mechanical with 5 stages.

The next updated version is the Lifan 330. The front headlights become oval, and a fog lamp appears in the center at the rear. This model is now more like the interior of the Bavarian version. It is an affordable, roomy and economical car.

All versions of the mini have a similar front view. The MINI Cooper Clubman model is a work of art. The unique appearance lies in the opening of the doors: the luggage door is not represented by an upward-rising structure, but by two swinging doors, just as the side doors open like a book. The front doors are unframed, which attracts a lot of car owners. You can also buy a 6-door typewriter.